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5/MI-TAI-SMART - AI/Machine learning engineer (backend) based in KENYA

  • NA, Nairobi City, Kenya

Job description

Our client, a leading company specializing in transforming CCTV footage into actionable intelligence for businesses, is seeking experienced AI Machine Learning Engineers (Backend) based in Kenya to contribute to their innovative projects.

Duration: 3 Months (Part-Time) with Potential for Full-Time Employment and Increased Compensation


  1. Develop and implement machine learning models that effectively transform CCTV footage into valuable insights for corporate clients.
  2. Utilize computer vision expertise to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of machine learning algorithms.
  3. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and contribute to the continuous improvement of the machine learning pipeline.
  4. Proficiently use Python programming language to optimize machine learning processes, with a strong focus on backend development.
  5. Possess a solid understanding of basic components of AWS, ensuring seamless integration of machine learning solutions into cloud-based environments.
  6. Demonstrate efficiency in utilizing APIs to streamline coding processes, reducing complexity and improving overall project efficiency.
  7. Exhibit an understanding of hacking methods in engineering contexts, applying innovative solutions such as API utilization to simplify complex coding tasks.


  1. Proven experience in developing and implementing machine learning models, with a focus on backend development.
  2. Expertise in computer vision technologies, enhancing the capabilities of machine learning algorithms.
  3. Proficiency in Python programming language for optimizing machine learning processes.
  4. Understanding of basic components of AWS and experience with cloud-based machine learning solutions.
  5. Efficient utilization of APIs to streamline coding processes and enhance project efficiency.
  6. Appreciation for innovative approaches to engineering, with an understanding of hacking methods to optimize coding practices.
  7. Residency in Kenya and proficiency in both Swahili and English languages is preferred. 

If this sounds like you, kindly apply!

Job requirements

  • AI Machine learning engineers (backend) in KENYA
  • CCTV to text & Experience with computer vision
  • Python Proficiency
  • AWS Proficiency
  • Must be In Kenya and speak Swahili and English