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19/MI-PA-SMART- Open IMIS developer

RemoteAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsTeam SMART

Job description

Profile description: Open IMIS developer
Developer profile: 

To improve Open IMIS system functionality for local government.


  1. Modification of the system interface to enhance user-friendliness, including updates to menus and
    other elements.
  2. Implement search module (allowing users to search by first name, other names, date of birth,
    district, ward)
  3. Additional data values (to be discussed? Maybe NCD, RCH specific)
  4. Employment of data validations and checks to ensure accurate input, including checking dates and
    employment status, allowing users to select visit type, and updating both the web-based and mobile
  5. Featuring a data upload progress bar with percentage completion and a cancel option.
  6. Deployment and testing of the new and all functionality and applied changes.

Improved OpenIMIS system as per requested changes

Skills needed:
Database- MSSQL;
Frontend – Java (mobile version), React (web version)
Backend - Python
Experience with Scrum framework is a plus.

Job requirements

Good communicator, experience working with governments and big projects is a plus