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09/SMART - INF - DV - Python Developer (South Africa)

  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Job description

Profile description: Python developer based in south africa

Developer profile: 

Must have

  • Python backend developer with project experience, at least 2 years, ideally >=4 years
  • Good communication skills
  • Works (reasonably) independently (based on to-the-point requirements/tickets) as they are still a small team and do not have the manpower for more intensive guidance at the moment
  • Passion for the profession and enthusiasm for continuous learning.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with web API development, specifically FastAPI
  • Computer science background
  • Location South Africa, due to potential employment and possible establishment of Infinic in SA.
Technical Stack: 

Our tech stack (for a complete picture):
Frontend technologies: Nuxt (SSR) / Vue3, Typescript, Tailwind CSS
Backend technologies: (async) Python, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, MaterializeDB
Cloud technologies: Google Cloud Platform
DevOps technologies:, Terragrunt, Terraform, Github (Actions)
Data and analytics technologies: dbt, BigQuery, snowplow, MaterializeDB

Required tests: Python

Job requirements

About the company: this startup was founded six months ago with a core team. From their own experiences with their launching customer, they have seen that payment as we know it in Europe and America is still in its infancy in Africa. There is a lot of movement and there are many local initiatives. By introducing a robust and smart product as an independent party between merchants and (African) payment solutions, they see that they can make it more accessible for merchants to do business digitally in Africa and they see an increase in conversion through smart routing and a combination of available methods.